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What is the Silent Coalition [SiCO] ?

The Silent Coalition is a community of different corporations and players who all have their unique playstyle and focus on EVE and may operate in different areas of New Eden. Despite this fact the corporations are interacting and playing together whenever possible. This allows both individual members and other corporations to get a glimpse of different playstyles and careers in EVE without the need to dedicate their characters on the gameplay style right away. This also makes it possible for you to keep on playing with your old friends whenever your decide that it is time to try something new and join a corporation within the coalition that is doing something different than your current corporation.

SiCO is a neutral state who only operates on corporation level in order to try to provide a vast variety of different type of gameplay opportunities for all types of players. While many of our member corporations are part of other alliances and EVE coalitions, we do not hold any standings or opinions against those larger entities within SiCO. The only standings we keep track on coalition levels are the standings for our member corporations within SiCO. All of the other standings are internal matters for each different corporation.

We allow free movement within and outside of the coalition by allowing any member to advance into any corporation or alliance, may it be part of our coalition or not. Obviously we try to serve different types of gameplay within the coalition and keep our friends with us, but whenever this is not possible we do not favour or boycott any EVE corporations over another.

For a normal line member SiCO means free will to do whatever you want to do. We raise joint operations in different areas of space so that you would get a better idea what you can do in EVE and seek to help you find the best possible corporation and gameplay for your personal needs. If that corporation can be found within the coalition then it also means that you do not need to let go of the old friends you have been playing with before when you move into new areas in EVE.

Most of the new coalition members start their journey from the entry level corporations which have very laid back attitude and low requirements. These entry level corporations do not have any mandatory operations or playing hour requirements. As you grow older and figure out what you want to focus on you are able to move to the other more specific corporations, which may have higher requirements for their own members and provide more dedicated content. You are also free to keep on playing in the entry level corporations if you feel like that the laid back attitude is just what you need.

For corporations to coalition means a way to offer their own type of content for different types of players as well as an easy way for finding new players to their corporations. They are also able to learn from other coalition corporations about their solutions to overcome different types of problems in EVE and to provide different type of content in different areas. As the coalition itself doesn’t put any requirements on its member corporations such as mandatory deployments or fees to pay the decision making powers for each corporation remains within that corporation.

The core values of the coalition are the only things that we require from our members. The core values that we build our coalition on are:

  • Friendly and mature attitudes
  • Clear, open and honest communication between the corporations about what they do and offer for line members
  • Desire to help out each other’s whenever possible and offer the best possible gameplay content on their own area of expertise.

Contact Us for more details

Solo player or a corporation leader looking for more friends to play with? Got some questions about joining? Contact the players bellow or join us on our public discord to get more info about us!

Ikarus Cesaille
Coalition executor

Duty: Manages all levels of the coalition
Regions: All Security Regions & High Sec Entry
Recruits: Corporation & Player Recruitment
Languages: English
Discord: Ikarus Cesaille#0361

English Speaking Entry Corporations | SiCO Member Corporations

The silent coalition community offers you different corporations based on you needs and language. While some of the corporations have public open recruitment and allow pretty much anyone to join them, some of the corporations only recruit from within the other coalition corporations. For more information about the corporations please join our ingame channel SICO Public or click on the corporations bellow.

The following corporations are full members of the coalition and offer an easy entry for all English players. From these entry level corporations you can then advance into more focused and advanced corporations within the coalition. All you need to do to join one of these corporations is to apply to them ingame.

* By applying to a SiCO corporation you commit to comply with our general coalition rules.

Non English speakers | Language partner Corporations

While Silent Coalition only operates in English, we also want to serve those who can’t or do not want to use English as their main communication language in EVE. For these players we offer language partner corporations, that are loosely connected to the coalition.

While these corporations are not full members of the coalition we have verified that they are active and are providing meaningful content for all members looking to join them. We officially recommend the following corporations for language options:

Joining sico with a corporation

The coalition is constantly looking for active and interesting corporations to join its ranks. If you would like to join us either as a full member corporation, high sec Silent Company member or as a language partner corporation heave a look at our requirements for joining us as a corporation in here.