The most important goal of the coalition is to create an environment where each different type of player are able to enjoy the game and pursuit the goals they have set for them. As EVE is an addicting and compelling game sometimes the real life ideologies or beliefs easily find their way into the game which may cause clashes between different types of players.

Constitution Rules of SiCO
Coalition main goals
Banned Topics
Prohibited ingame actions against other coalition members
Prohibited actions against players outside the coalition
Requirements for all coalition members
Requirements for coalition corporations
Full Member Corporations
HS No War Alliance Corporations
Changing coalition corporations
Chain of command
Dealing with round violations and problems
Identifying and contacting leadership

Constitution Rules of SiCO

In order to keep our coalition of thousands of players as a friendly and a nice place to play we have set some ground rules that apply on each member within the coalition corporations. With these rules we are trying to keep our focus on EVE and on enjoying the game with players from all over the world with all types of ideologies.

Coalition main goals

  1. To create a community of players that would have fun and interact with each other’s while playing the game despite their real life divergences.
  2. To constantly develop the coalition and help its member and corporations to advance to harder and more complicated content as they grow older.
  3. To provide a friendly and mature community that respects all types of players despite their in-game orientations.

Banned Topics

The following topics are banned in all coalition channels including but not limited to in-game channels, corporation channel, forums, homepage, discord and any other voice communication programs.

  1. All racists, sexists, homophobic and topics alike.
  2. All real life politics, religious topics and sexual orientations.
  3. All personal attacks, finger pointing or public shaming.

Prohibited ingame actions against other coalition members

  1. Scamming coalition members is not allowed. Scamming players outside our coalition is legit taken that the rules of your current corporation do not prevent doing it.
  2. Spamming any communication channels with repeating content such as advertising your contracts on sale every hour.
  3. Shooting or killing any coalition members outside coalition raised PvP events is not allowed. If a coalition member intentionally opens fire against you then you are allowed to defend yourself.
  4. Ganking coalition members or providing possible locations for third party gankers. You are allowed to gank players outside the coalition taken that your current corporation rules do not prohibit you from doing this.
  5. Unfriendly or immature attitudes against all coalition members are not allowed.
  6. Begging for money or items intentionally and repeatedly.
  7. Sending corporation mails or replying to corporation mails without an approval from an officer is likely to get you removed from the corporation without any warnings.

Prohibited actions against players outside the coalition

While we do understand that in the heat of a battle you most often want to smack talk a bit. That is completely fine as long as you keep it mature and don’t overshoot. Since EVE is a social game we want to make sure that also the players around us are enjoying the game. For this reason the following rules applies on your general attitude of being nice

  1. You are bint by EVE Online EULA no matter what you do. EULA includes some pretty basic stuff such as: You may not submit any content to any chat room or other public forum within the Game that is harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, libelous or defamatory, encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liabilities, or is unlawful in any other way, including without limitation the submission of content that infringes on a third-party’s intellectual property rights.
  2. You are prohibited to do personal attacks on players outside the coalition in terms of communications. You may gank them but always be polite about it!
  3. No toxic behaviour
  4. All real life threats are taken extremely serious by CCP and will get you permanently banned rather easy. Keep your head cool as you don’t want to lose your characters for yelling someone to choke on a back of dicks.

Requirements for all coalition members

  1. Communicate in english when talking or typing in any of our public or coalition restricted text or voice channels.
  2. SC Comms channel for all general chattering. All of the corporations that belongs to SiCO are using the custom in-game channel called SC Comms for all of their general chattering. The different corporations may be using their own chat channels for sensitive information such as null sec events or language restricted chattering, but all of the general chattering should be kept in SC Comms.
  3. Registering on AUTH is mandatory for all coalition members. The AUTH programs are used to manage player access to coalition restricted content such as the homepage content and discord rooms.

Requirements for coalition corporations

The coalition corporations may have different requirements set on them depending on if they belong to the coalition entry level alliance or if they are a full member corporation of the coalition. The difference of these two are that full member corporations are listed on the homepage as an individual corporation while the members of the entry level alliance are listed under the alliance.

Both full member and entry level alliance member corporations have the same benefits and services in use for their needs as well as the same access to systems and services. The main difference between these two comes from the side of system management.

Full Coalition Member Corporation Requirements

  • Corporation needs to have at least 20 active individual members in the corporation
  • Corporation needs to update each coalition standing change on corporation level
  • Corporation must have a clear goal and preferably a unique goal for their corporation compared to other coalition corporations.
  • Corporation must keep an updated corp description page on the homepage for their corporation.
  • Corporation can decide on their own if they want to hold structures under their own corporation (to be war eligible or not).
  • Corporation has full autonomy over themselves including the ability to join an alliance in EVE. Only the corporation that is a full member corporation will be part of SiCO and the other alliance members the corporation has joined will be treated as neutral entities.
  • Corporation leadership must be activated on discord an on AUTH. Corporation may decide themselves if they require this from their own members.
  • Corporation has the full autonomy over all aspects of the corporation including wars, structures and member management.

HS No War Alliance Corporations | Silent Company

Corporations in the entry level alliance are not allowed to hold any structures under their corporations. The entry level alliance will never be eligible for war. If this rules is broken and a corporation anchors any structures making the alliance venerable for wars the corporation will be removed without any warning. It is the responsibility of the CEO to make sure that regular members are unable to anchor structures.

Corporations in the entry alliance will need to keep the setting to reject all structure transfers on at all times.

  • Unlike full member corporation the corporation will have no requirements for member count or activity. They will still benefit from all of the global SiCO services.
  • Corporation leadership must be activated on discord an on AUTH. Corporation may decide themselves if they require this from their own members.
  • The alliance will manage all standings and service accesses on behalf of the corporation. If the corporation leaves the alliance they are treated as a neutral entity and will lose access to the services.
  • Corporation may request to become a full member corporation if they meet the requirements or are looking to join another alliance that requires by game mechanisms for the corporation to leave the entry level alliance.
  • Corporation has full autonomy over their own corporation excluding the matters mentioned above.

Changing coalition corporations

Members that are part of any of the coalition corporations are allowed to request a transfer to a different wing if they do wish to change their gameplay. The different wings might have some limitations and requirements of their own so it is always good that have a chat with a director, recruiter or a CEO of the corporation that you seek to join.

Each of the coalition corporations have most often one or two primary focuses. If these focuses align better with your personal interests then it might be a good idea to consider changing your corporation.

You are able to find a list of all of our corporations in here

Corporations are not allowed to poach members from other corporations. Make your corporations attractive so that people want to join you to get their hands on the content you are creating for them!

Chain of command

The coalition is led by the corporation CEOs, guided by the coalition executor. While each full member corporation has 100% autonomy over their own corporation it is in all of our interests to play the game together and seek to help out each other’s as much as possible.

In events of breaking any rules set for the coalition or for the corporations you are bound to listen and obey the commands given to you from players that outrank you. Each of the players holding coalition roles are well trained and trusted members of the coalition that are trying to help moderate, oversee and guide all players.

The chain of command from top to down for the current coalition roles are:

Wing Director
Fleet Commander
Fleet Commander Trainee
Industrial Commander

Dealing with round violations and problems

If someone is violating the rules set for the coalition or on your own corporation you are not allowed to take matters into your own hand.

You are allowed to remind the players of the rules of the coalition if you see any rule breaking but you are not allowed to escalate and start to debate with the person in question.

Report all problems and rule breaking to any corporation CEO or the coalition executor. Keep in mind that you will need to provide proof for your report, in most often in a form of chat logs. The leadership will deal with any and all of the problems raised and it is not the job of a line member to govern the coalition.

Identifying and contacting leadership

To contact leadership you can ping @ceo or @wing director on any of the discord channels. You will be able to see all players holding coalition positions on the right side of the discord channel, ordered in the same chain of command order as is mentioned in the rules.

You can also send personal messages via discord or by in-game mail to any of these players.