Red Cold Chili Banderlogs Academy | SiCO Russian Community

I am proud to announce that SiCO has become a multi language community with Red Cold Chili Banderlogs Academy joining our High Sec Alliance! They will be serving pilots who only speak Russian, allowing us to expand our services for also those players who are unable to enjoy them in our English speaking corporations! While […]

Silent Company, the alliance for SiCO high sec corporations.

For the first time in our history we have opened an alliance for our high sec corporations that seek to remain non war eligible. This alliance will work as the fast gateway for corporations that are seeking to join our coalition. The corporations seeking to join this entry level corporation have a few requirements on […]

Creating a new HS alliance, help us name it!

We have decided to extend our high sec operations by creating an alliance that will be integrated in SiCO. This alliance will be the corporation version of SEADC which means that we will allow smaller corporations to join us. The reason why we want to create an alliance for these smaller corporations is from management […]

SiCO triumphs against Tribesmen, hostile Fortizar destroyed! Summary of the Tribesmen war.

It has been several months since The Tribesmen left our coalition in hostile terms. Despites our efforts to separate our ways in friendly terms they decided to burn all the bridges they had built with us. Due to their actions we made some friends with some high sec mercenaries who even ended up joining our […]