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What is the Silent Coalition [SiCO] ?

The Silent Coalition is a community of different corporations and players who operate both in their own specific areas and careers in the New Eden and with each other’s. Instead of having our corporations in an official in-game alliance we are using standings and other technical solutions to stay connected over the corporation borders. This allows the coalition member corporations to have a full autonomy over their corporation and operations which allows them to focus on the things they want to do without getting effected by the other coalition corporations.

All of the coalition corporations are still interacting and playing together with other coalition corporations, despite the fact that they might be focusing on different things and playing the game in different areas. In most of the cases you are able to join any activities raised by any of the coalition corporations regardless of your own corporation. This allows you to get a unique change to have a look at a new style of playing EVE without the need of changing a corporation right away.

For line members having this unique structure means that they are able to keep on playing with the friends they have made with us even when they would like to change the way they play the game. For those who are simply looking to try something new to try it means that you do not have to commit on finding a completely new corporation in order to try it effectively.

Most of the new coalition members start their journey from the entry level corporations which have very laid back attitude and low requirements. As you grow older and figure out what you want to focus on you are able to move to the other more specific corporations within the coalition.

Each of the coalition corporations also receive aid from the coalition in form of different services such as complete IT solutions, financial support and warfare support. This makes the coalition an ideal place for any corporation to grow up without the need of worrying about setting up background programs or in-game services.

The core values of the coalition are friendly and mature attitude towards other coalition members, clear communications and the desire to help out each other’s.


Silent Coalition

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Solo player or a corporation leader looking for more friends to play with? Got some questions about joining? Contact the players bellow or join us on our public discord to get more info about us!

Ikarus Cesaille
Coalition executor

Duty: Manages all levels of the coalition
Regions: All Security Regions & High Sec Entry
Recruits: Corporation & Player Recruitment
Languages: English
Discord: Ikarus Cesaille#0361

Anlions V
HS recruitment director

Duty: Recruitment for ICANPP
Regions: High Sec
Recruits: Player Recruitment
Languages: English
Discord: Jsoggy#0359

Ziriam Far
Russian Community Manager

Duty: Manages the Russian community
Regions: Russian speaking high sec and null sec
Recruits: Player Recruitment
Languages: Russian
Discord: Lapsh banderlog#7317

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Are you ready to join us? Apply to one of our entry level corporations! Once you have figured out what you want to do in EVE you can move forward to more advanced and career specific SiCO corporations, or stick around in the entry level corporation and build a name for yourself!

Looking to join us with a corporation? Please contact our corporation recruiters listed above to join our entry level alliance or to enlist as a full member corporation for the coalition*

* By applying to a SiCO corporation you commit to comply with our general coalition rules.